START YOUR JOURNEY... to get back on course knowing what steps to take next on your way to creating the life you desire.  Within you lies a marvelous power... so let the healing process help you awaken this inner power to reconnect to yourself so that you can live the life you came here to live and be the person you truly are.  I offer services that may help you heal your body, mind and soul/spirit.  I offer Telehealth counseling.    Hours are by appointment only.  207-205-2521.  I'm located in Scarborough, ME  04074


Some of the services offered are: 
-Emotional Support Counseling also known as Mental Health Counseling LCSW (Licensed Clinical Social Worker)
-Individual (adults)
-Un-cluttering your mind, calendar and space (Minimalism for wellbeing)
-Energy Psychology Techniques (TAT(tm) & EFT)
-Aromatherapy--Use of Essential Oils 
-Removing limiting beliefs and thinking blocks so you can move forward
-Life Coaching
-Creating rituals -to celebrate life's many transitions

-Creating a spiritual practice
-Distance Reiki  

Marie A. Laverriere MSW, MA, DMin, LCSW

      I was born in Maine and I love the ocean.  When I was in my 50's I moved to New Mexico for 7 years but yearned to take those long walks on the sand by the sea with my dog Rumi,  so I came back to Maine.  I've been doing this healing work for several years and I find it helpful to be open to offering a variety of services because everyone is unique in their healing process.   I incorporate several healing modalities and I think outside the box most of the time.
     I am a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (licensed in Maine) offering Emotional Support Counseling (mental health therapy) I am in network with several health insurances in Maine.  I work with adults (18 years and over) .  I offer a variety of services listed above and defined on the page "services & fees".  I only offer remote appointments also known as Telehealth.

I would love to talk with you about possibly working with you.  You can call me for an appointment at 207-205-2521.  I return my calls within 24 hours.  I also offer a free 15 minute consultation-Call to schedule a free consultation to explore if my services would be helpful to you.